Todd’s Thoughts-July 2017

I’m passionate about logic! Love it! I realize, for some, this seems like an oxymoron because logic is supposed to be void of emotion, especially emotions as intense as passion and love. But I would argue that being reasonable is itself a form of love, that if we are not reasonable with others, then we … Continued

Todd’s Thoughts-June 2017

June is the final month of our Church year, and I want to take this opportunity to thank you for all your support, generosity, and hard work in helping us fulfill the continuing mission of our church—to create community, to find meaning, and to work for justice. Given the outcome of the November election, I … Continued

Todd’s Thoughts-May 2017

I’ve been a proponent of critical thinking ever since I first studied logic in college 30 years ago. Since then, I’ve often said, “We could solve most the world’s problems in a generation if we started teaching kids critical thinking today.” This is so, I believe, because too many of us regularly commit what philosopher … Continued

Todd’s Thoughts-April 2017

Quick as lightning, the long-armed monkey snatched the keys from my hand, yanking them into its cage. It immediately began biting into my new keyring with its sharp teeth, then started grinding it back and forth against the concrete floor, as if to taunt me. As I wondered if and how I might get them … Continued

Todd’s Thoughts – March 2017

Grace, Wisdom, Strength, and Healing. That’s the simple prayer I say to myself each time I’m about to press a load of heavy weight off my chest. I ask for grace just in case I do something stupid, like risking injury by taking on more than I should. I ask for wisdom so I’m smart enough not to lift … Continued

Todd’s Thoughts – February 2017

There is a difference between being direct and being rude, although they often get confused. Statements like, “I disagree,” “I don’t understand where you’re coming from,” “I think you’re wrong,” “That doesn’t seem rational to me,” are honest, not unjust. They don’t imply that any harm should come to those one disagrees with, or that … Continued

This Sunday: Service Change

Dear friends, I know you must feel as devastated by the unexpected and incomprehensible result of last night’s Presidential election as I do. I feel shock, anger, fear, and so much more. Like you, I’m still processing what just happened and wondering what the real consequences will be. Whatever they are, we shall face them, … Continued

Todd’s Thoughts November 2016

I love the winter. I love its overcast skies. I love the bite of its crisp air pinching my exposed cheeks like a doting aunt. I love red noses, Long Johns, and flannel shirts. I love sundown at 3:45 PM. Unlike so many who yearn for Winter Solstice and the lengthening of light, I always … Continued

Todd’s Thoughts

Prophetic figures know how to say, “no” and “no more.” We see this happening right now as protesters in North Dakota are gathered with the Standing Rock Sioux to say “no” to another pipeline and “no more” to the fossil fuel industry. The prophet draws a line in the sand. Prophets are important for the … Continued

Welcome to Our New Website

UUCS is up and running on our new, UUA-themed website. Because things look and work differently than the old site, you may want to take some time to poke around and become familiar. Here are a few pointers: Looking for something? If you are looking for something in particular and it doesn’t pop right out … Continued