Welcome to the UUCS Generosity 2017-18 Pledge Campaign!

Why not make your pledge today? It’s easy to do with any one of these three options:

1. Click here to fill out and submit your pledge form online. It’s easy and you can do it now!
2. Mail in your green form to UUCS at 4340 W. Ft. Wright Drive, Spokane, WA 99224.
3. Pick up a new green form on Sunday and put it in the gold box in the Friendship Hall.

The theme of this year’s Generosity campaign is ‘Lighting the Way.” It seems fitting: throughout the history of our denomination and our Spokane congregation, we’ve been out there lighting the way. No matter the issue, you can be sure that our church members are active and involved, giving generously of our time, talents and treasure. Although these are not easy days, we are heartened by the thought that, truly, our faith was created for a time such as this.
As you ponder your 2017-2018 financial commitment to our Spokane church this month, consider all the ways we light the path for community, meaning and justice. Our congregation’s on-going life depends on our generosity, stewardship and readiness to honor both the legacy left to us and to what we leave to future generations of light bearers.

Your continued financial gifts ensure the continuation of our vital and impactful work, both within these walls and in the wider community.

Rev. Dr. Todd Eklof and UUCS Generosity Team encourages everyone who supports the mission and vision of the church to be part. We challenge you to take our church mission to heart — and make a pledge of support for the next fiscal year.


Here are some things you might find helpful as you think about your pledge.

Letter from the Minister
Thinking About Pledging
Printable Pledge Form