For more information about UUCS team & group activities, see the 2015-16 UUCS Annual Report.

Music Program

Our current Sunday Music Program includes the Mixed Choir (our anchor volunteer musical group), our Winter Solstice Women’s Choir, ad hoc Women’s Ensemble and Family Choir opportunities as volunteer time and interest permit, individual and small group performances plus occasional guest musicians from outside our church community.  We also have occasional concerts throughout the year, with help from the Music Team and other interested individuals.

The Music Program is supported by the Music Team and other individual volunteers who help the Music Director with the Music Library, caring for the congregation’s hymnals, putting on concerts and gathering feedback from the congregation on what might enhance our services from a musical standpoint.

Please contact Music Director, Deborah Jacquemin, at or by phone at 325-6383, ext. 303 if you are interested in helping in this way or by sharing your musical expertise with the congregation by performing for a Sunday.


Worship Team

Our Team’s Mission is to provide reflection and feedback for our services by:

  • Serving as a sounding board for the minister
  • Paying attention to flow of the services
  • Receiving feedback from the congregation
  • Discussing and considering any needed changes in service
  • Consider how the services can be meaningful to all — with special attention paid to young people
  • Plan and recruit guest speakers for times when the minister is gone
  • Recruit, train and coordinate the work of the lay leaders and story tellers
  • Be available for dialog with our Music Director about the role of music in our service
  • Coordinate with Usher Team and Church Administrator to ensure the best possible environment for our service.
  • Other duties as we discover the need


If you would like to join us, please contact any Worship Team member.

Team Members: Brian Bonallo, David Boose, Marilyn Carpenter, Cheryl Conn, Dave Gard, Marion Hammer, Deborah Jaquemin, Stephanie Samson, Mary Ann Soltis, Susan Stanaway, Susan Virnig


Usher Team

Our Mission: The Usher Team supports the following Ends Statements:

#2 – Promote Diverse Congregation
#3 – Foster Meaningful Connections
#6 – Supports Ministry to Local Community

Some of our recent activities include establishing guidelines for usher responses when addressing crying children, dogs in the church, and fire emergency procedures. In the planning stages are continuing to explore the implementation of Roving Greeters, usher training, and expand our emergency preparedness to include responses to:

  • Natural disasters
  • Forceful intrusion
  • Fire
  • Unexpected service disruption

If you would like to join us, please contact Warren Carpenter

Team Members: Jan Baker, Meghan Baroni, Anne Marie Burk, Leonard Butters, Warren Carpenter, Karolynn Clark, Bob Cook, Sunny Cook, Kathy Dixon, Chuck Elsen, Majil Fausel, Judy Gammon, Dave Gard, Jan Gard, Larry Hodge, Linda Hodge, Maggi Montana, Susan Mossuto, Cherie Olson, Melissa Parker, Sally Ray, Lola Reed, Debbe Rush, John Rush, Jeane Stewart, K. Stewart-Watkins, Jay Sullivan, Michel Thayer