All aboard from Platform 9 ¾!

A new program is underway down the Religious Education wing on Sunday mornings that explores Unitarian Universalism through the wire-rimmed lenses of Harry Potter. Here is what’s in store…

Hogwarts-School-LogoHogwarts School of Unitarian Universalism

Third through 8th grade students study at the Hogwarts School of Unitarian Universalism. Hogwarts is the school of Harry Potter, the boy wizard who has captivated two generations of children and youth.

Harry Potter is a natural fit with Unitarian Universalist religious education. Throughout the seven book series, Harry and his friends must answer important religious questions. Who am I? What I am I supposed to do? Who are my friends? Who am I obligated to?

The books grapple with good and evil, the importance of love, ethical dilemmas, harmful mistakes, friendship, judgment, and other issues that focus on how to live life as a good person.

Love, kindness and courage are espoused as the highest values in the Hogwarts universe. Unitarian Universalists believe that as well.