Todd’s Thoughts September 2017

On Saturday, July 29th (2017), some person or persons spray-glued eight Alt-Right propaganda fliers onto the glass of our outside bulletin board. They were discovered and removed before Sunday morning. Fortunately, other than needing to clean off the glue residue, there wasn’t any vandalism or lasting damage done. The fliers themselves reflected some pretty paranoid, irrational, and offensive racist ideas, but presented no direct threats against our church. Since no crime had been committed, I didn’t call the police nor contact the media because I don’t wish to give these troubled souls the publicity they were likely hoping for. As a minister, I learned many years ago not to let others use my influence to promote their own agendas. Nevertheless, considering all that’s happened these past months, especially in Charlottesville, VA, the thought there are white supremacist right here in our own community, who have targeted our church no less, is disturbing. I only hope, and sincerely trust, no matter how this scourge may present itself in our community in the future, that as Unitarian Universalist we shall continue to respond in ways that reflects both our commitment to justice and our respect for the worth and dignity of every person. Hate cannot be tolerated in a sane society, but neither can the violence against hate that only ends up justifying it.
With this mind, I continue to pray that instead of protesting the ideas, values, and ways of others, we counter by demonstrating our own.
— Rev. Dr. Todd F. Eklof, UUCS Minister

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