Todd’s Thoughts November 2017

November is upon us, a time we intentionally consider and express gratitude for all we are thankful for. Perhaps this is a taller order than usual considering all the tragedy in the world this past year—hurricanes, earthquakes, mass shootings, the global trend toward rightwing nationalism, and a full year since the disastrous election.
These are, indeed, difficult times. Still, I wake each day thankful to be alive and for all the opportunities our church provides us to make a difference for the better. I’m thankful for the enormous stewardship our members recently demonstrated by raising $10,000 in just a week to help pay off the loan on our solar panels. I’m grateful to a congregation that takes such care and ownership of its church. I’m grateful to be working with the best staff I can imagine, for their ceaseless work ethic, commitment to our mission, and the cooperative, collegial atmosphere they bring to our workplace. I’m thankful for all the team work, by which I mean, the work all our different teams are doing. There are too many teams and volunteers to name, but most of the work that goes on in our church is done by church members. Thanks to all of you!
I’m thankful for the members of our Board of Trustees and the volunteers on our Operations Team for dealing with stuff that can often be as difficult as it is mundane. I’m thankful the Kerdcera Dojo (formally Surak Society) has come to mean so much in my life and the lives of those who participate. I appreciate all of the support you give me, the appreciation you share, and for the honor and opportunity being your minister.— Rev. Dr. Todd F. Eklof, UUCS Minister

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