Todd’s Thoughts, May 2018

In March 2017 I gave a sermon entitled, “The Measure of All Things,” about Erich Fromm’s notion that, “the sole criterion of ethical value,” should be based on human welfare and the achievement of one’s full potential. I’ve decided to put this theory to the test through a series of thought experiments envisioning what it might be like if we were to adopt this as the sole criterion in a variety of areas. What would it be like if everything our society does were to focus on helping everyone fully blossom as individuals? In the coming months we’ll explore this question through as series of sermons I’m calling, “The Measure of All Things.” I’ll begin this month by considering the areas of education and criminal justice. I’ll continue in the coming month by also considering the question in light of economics, equality, business, arts and entertainment, journalism and news, politics, religion, globalism, and the environment. I’m alternating Sundays to leave room to discuss other meaningful matters, but, by the time I’m done, I intend to have the makings of a good book on a topic I hope might have a transformative influence in our society and the world. As I said in my more recent January sermon, “Preaching to the Preacher,” this principle has become my “North Star, my guiding light,” and I thank you in advance for the privilege of sharing this message with you, and, in turn, for the opportunity to share it with others.

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