Todd’s Thoughts January 2019

Beginning January 21st, I’ll be taking a brief, month long sabbatical. This is a common practice in the Unitarian Universalist churches. In general, UU ministers take a 4-6 month sabbatical every five years. I’ve been at UUCS more than seven years and have opted not to take an extended leave until now. This is so important because I believe being gone for such a long period would be detrimental to all we’re accomplishing by diminishing our enthusiasm and momentum. Instead, I’ve decided to take a month off every couple of years, just to give myself some time to rejuvenate and rest, so my own enthusiasm and momentum doesn’t wane. During this period, I’ll be almost completely out of touch and will not engage in church related matters. Although I’ve asked that no major decisions be made until my return, there will procedures in place for contacting me in case of an emergency. Our Healthy Relations Team will help filter such communications. This means I’ll be out of the pulpit four Sundays in a row before you see me again. During this period, Dr. Isabel Call will do much of the preaching, but please keep in mind, competent as she is, Dr. Call is still learning and preparing for ministry, and, as our ministerial intern, is not allowed or expected to “fill in” as your minister while I’m away. Still, I know she and the other members of our staff will be as helpful as they can whenever necessary. I mush admit, I’m looking forward to my brief break, appreciate the opportunity to be away for a short while, and will be eager to see you again upon my return.

-Rev. Dr Todd F. Eklof, UUCS Minister

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