Todd’s Thoughts April 2019

April not only marks the beginning of Spring, but also our annual generosity campaign, during which we ask our members to commit a specific amount to help support next year’s budget. This year we’re trying something a little different. Firstly, we’re asking you to consider making your pledge ongoing, meaning we can expect it to continue indefinitely, until you decide to stop or change the amount. In this way, just as we begin each budget cycle knowing our fixed expenses, we can also start with a fixed income, allowing us to better know how much extra we might need to raise. So, when considering your financial commitment, it might be better to think about how much you can afford to give monthly on an ongoing basis. What I’m most excited about, however, is this year’s Generosity Campaign theme, “A Year of Living Abundantly.” At first, we thought about, “A Year of Living Sustainably,” which we must certainly do—live within our means, that is. But abundance suggests having more than enough, which can easily be achieved by using the “stone soup” model—everyone contributing a little something. If, for example, all of our, roughly, 240 pledging members and families increase their support by only $20 a month, we’d have an extra $57,600 above the nearly $400,000 we can usually count on. Even though Peggy and I have already pledged to give about as much as we can afford, an extra 20 bucks a month is doable for us, so that’s what we’re going to do. I realize there are some who are able to give more, and some who can’t spare any extra at this time, but, again, if those of us who can give at least an extra 20 bucks a month do so, adding our small bit to the pot of stone soup, together we’ll create a year of abundance for our entire church community.

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