Todd’s Thoughts January 2020

How about a 10-million-dollar endowment? Sound crazy? Sound impossible? A short time ago some thought I was crazy suggesting we strive for a half million-dollar endowment fund. Thanks to much generosity, we’re now well on our way toward a million. I used to think endowments should never be allowed to grow too large. Afterall, if we have a lot of money just sitting around, how can we justify asking our members to contribute even more for special projects and capital campaigns? But now that we have a policy in place to both preserve its principle and contribute annually to our operating budget, I see no reason to ever limit how big our endowment becomes. Imagine if our church had an endowment large enough to help sustain all the worthy endeavors and organizations in Spokane, in perpetuity. Imagine if, instead of asking for grants, we were granting them. 4 percent of 10 million is $400,000. So, just imagine the difference we could make in our community if we had these kinds of resources to give away every year, forever. Imagine if such a gift were part of your legacy. I don’t think this is a big dream. I think it’s doable and that it can happen faster than many imagine, if we only imagine.

One Response to “Todd’s Thoughts January 2020

  1. Thank you Todd. We agree with you. Another way to look at it is by way of metaphor. The forces of darkness are overflowing with money, endowments and otherwise. It past time for the forces of light to follow suit. UUCS is on the cusp of sustained growth. Why? As churches with a top down doctrine lose membership, those disaffected congregants will be looking for a new home. A community where the search for meaning is a personal journey nurtured within a community both trusting and loving. 2020: The Vision Year.

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