Todd’s Thoughts April 2020

On Friday March 3rd, in response to the recommendations of health officials, I made the decision to cancel services, events, and meetings at our church for at least three weeks. I’m glad I did. Social distancing and isolation have been shown to immediately flatten the otherwise exponential growth of the coronavirus. In fact, just a one-day delay results in 40 percent more cases. From what I’m hearing, we will likely need to extend the quarantine for even longer: perhaps twice as long. Our office will work to keep you informed as decisions are made. Until then, I will continue to hold abbreviated services when I’m scheduled to do so and will offer recommended services from our archive when I am not. It doesn’t seem reasonable to ask guest speakers to attempt speaking to an empty room. Connecting with an audience on the other side of a camera is something that’s stayed with me from my TV news days, so I’m fine with it. In the meantime, we’ll do our best to stay in touch through other means too, including a midweek video message from me. Some would understandably consider these among “the worst of times.” If so, then all the more reason for us to be at our best.

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