January 21, 2021

This week, at long last, we will hear music from our in-house duo, Peggy Eklof & Kelly LaGrutta! I say at long last because the service for this week was first postponed from mid-December to the end of December, when tech difficulties made it impossible to stream it to all of you. So, third time’s the charm, as they say and you will finally get to hear the service and the music that was planned for it this coming Sunday! Thanks to both Peggy and Kelly for enduring the delays and for playing and singing for us.  They’ll be doing This Little Light for the end of service sing, so jump into it—this is an easy one and fun to do.
Thanks to the many of you who give me feedback on our service music, letting me know your likes and dislikes and giving me ideas for future services. All is appreciated, as “playing to an empty room” gives me no idea at all of what inspires you at this time. Usually I can sense if a piece hits people when we are all in the room together—but, of course, that is a big missing component now with COVID-19.
And finally … although our country is still experiencing an especially challenging time, I am shored up by the possibilities of our new administration—and by all of YOU.  I am confident that our people can and will add energy, solutions and love to situations far afield and close to home.
May it be so,
Deb Jacquemin
UUCS Music Director