Partner Church Virtual Dinner

The final big event at our church last year was the partner church dinner in early March. Here it is, time to celebrate that connection again, and we still can’t gather in person. So, we suggest another way to keep our partners in mind. How about we cook a Hungarian meal in our own homes and then join in a Zoom chat to talk about what’s happening in Felsőrákos? And we especially welcome those who have traveled to the village to reminisce and to remember when villagers came here. If you haven’t had the opportunity to visit the village, it’s a chance for you to ask questions and learn about our relationship with Unitarians living where the religion originated.

Saturday, March 6, we invite you to try your hand at a Hungarian dish or a whole meal. We’re supplying the recipes right here: either beef or pork goulash, traditional cucumber salad and a delicious, easy dessert. At 7:00 p.m. we’ll open a Zoom room hosted by members of the partner church team welcoming your stories and questions. Pour yourself a glass of wine and let’s Zoom together for partner church news and memories. We’ll relate the latest news from their Minister, the Rev. Zalán Palkó. We would invite him to join in, but that’s 5:00 a.m. for him. On Sunday, March 7, Todd and Zalán will present partner church sermons.

Finally, the photo shows Elemér Peto, the lay president of their congregation, handing out the scholarships to 8 university students from Felsőrákos this past December.

A huge thank you to those of our congregation who helped make it possible for them to attend: Kialynn Glubrecht, Karen Dorn Steele, Jerry/Julie Jose, Robert Fendler, Moritz Kundig, Myrta Ladich, Shirley Carlson, David Franklin, Don Willingham.

The recipes are PDFs, so you can click on them, download, and print them out if you don’t want your computer in the kitchen where you might spill something onto it.

Cucumber Salad

Beef Gulyas

Szek. Gulyas for 4–6

Cherry Bars