May 11, 2021

A big thank-you to our generous congregation for contributing $1,210.00 to our partner church in Felsőrákos, Romania during the March special collection.  The team has sent $300 to their Youth Group and $500 to the Women’s Alliance.  Another $200 will pay our dues to the national Partner Church Council.

Here is a letter from Rev. Palkó regarding the funds and their Mother’s Day celebration, which was a week prior to ours.

Dear Jerry, Julie and Team!

I am writing to let you know very well the International Mother’s Day celebration. There were a lot of people in the church, we said poems greeting mothers with the children, the Women’s Association sang, and then we talked in the yard. I will also send some photos of the event. After all this, I gave your donations to the young people. They were grateful and thank you very much for supporting this year as well.

We are just getting back to Székelykeresztár, because Orsolya has to go to school tomorrow.

Isten áldjon,

Zalán és Orsolya