More About Generosity Month

From Sue Stiritz, Generosity Team Member

As we approach the middle of April we are half way through our Generosity month. Have you submitted your pledge to support UUCS for the coming year? Still thinking it over? Why is pledging important? Aside from being a requirement of membership, it allows us to budget appropriately for the upcoming year and plan for existing and new programming. Here is what I found to make it an easy commitment for me. I give through my IRA with the RMD (Required Minimum Distribution). If you are 70½ yrs old you must withdraw a certain amount of money from your traditional IRA annually. My financial advisor tells me how much I must withdraw, and I instruct her to send an amount directly to the church. By doing this, two good things happen, I fulfill my pledge and do not pay taxes on this contribution!

Another option is to pledge online. Below is the safe link to walk you through the process. If you have been doing this already, the church office still needs you to fill out the form each year. This provides information necessary to know if we will reach our goal of $361,000! Of course, you can always pay by personal check or with your credit card. (The church pays a 3% fee for each credit card payment.)

It is all a dance whichever way you decide to pledge. Let us join in dancing our way together to meet the needed 17% increase by giving more. The end of April, and pledge month, is fast approaching! I choose to dance a jig knowing you are right there with me doing your pledge dance!