Pledging Deadline Draws Near

Generosity month is coming down to the wire. We have one more week to make our pledges. Please have your pledges in by April 30. You can pledge on-line, or fill out a paper pledge form available from the church.

The Generosity Team is asking for a 17% increase over what you pledged last year. Why so much? During the last two years, as a result of COVID hardship experienced by most nonprofits, we received gifts from the federal government’s Paycheck Protection Plan. We received $42,000 in 2020 and $48,000 in 2021. We will not be getting that help during our 2022 /2023 fiscal year. If we have to cut the budget, the first things to go are salaries, personnel and programs; as the rest of our costs are fixed expenses. We hope everyone can do their part.

You have read the important message in the first paragraph, now my personal thoughts.

I support the church with my dollars because this is where I find my friends. This is where I find the venues to support social justice. I find comrades in this congregation who are willing to join me in working to house the homeless, feed low-income children, provide support for single mothers and provide more habitat for insects. (Watch the Meaningful Movie, Insect Apocalypse, from last week to see what I’m talking about.)

It is so important to have a Unitarian Universalist presence in Spokane. People notice when UUs show up at City Council meetings or at social justice demonstrations. How often do you see a letter to the editor from someone you have met in the church? We are a force for social action in Spokane. Our dedication to justice will be valued more and more in the coming years, as we work to bring hope for those in our community who are being tossed aside, discriminated against and marginalized.

April 30 is the proposed deadline and, of course, we still want you to send in your pledge after May 1. Making your pledge is important for planning next year’s budget and it assures your payments are accounted for correctly.

Jean Larson, representing your Generosity Team

Take me to the pledge form so I can contribute to the campaign.