Whose Voice is it Anyway?

Beyond being a mere source of entertainment, how can the vocal arts foster community health and personal fulfillment? We will explore the voice as an instrument of the body, shaped by breath, equipping us with emotional agility, power, and expression.

Born Okay the First Time: Moving Beyond the Fall/Redemption Paradigm

The Doctrine of Original Sin, which claims we are all born fallen, broken, even evil, to begin with, may not be something all of us profess to believe anymore, but western society has been so influenced by this idea that most of us instinctively presume it’s true.

The Oedipus Path: Learning To Successfully Limp Along

Life is a journey, and along the way we get wounded, make mistakes, change, and, hopefully, grow. What prevents us from moving along and growing is avoiding pain, wallowing in regret, and refusing to let go.

The Unitarian Trinity

This is a version of the sermon I delivered to our Partner Church in Felsőrákos, Romania during my visit there last August. Eastern European Unitarianism remains a Christian denomination, minus a belief in the Trinity, of course.

Black Empowerment, Unitarian Universalism, and an Embodied Path to Healing

The General Assemblies of the late 1960’s were hotly contested events, particularly as the Unitarian Universalist Association was deciding how to respond to the rising Black Power movement. In honor of Black History Month we will take a look at this period of our history, focusing on the tensions and traumas embodied in the controversy, … Continued

Spirit of Play

Our three-week series on economics culminates with play? In this multigeneraltional worship, we act out out abundance and cooperation and invite our children joyfully into the game of life

Universalist Economics

In an environment of rapid technological change and economic turmoil, 18th century American Universalist Hosea Ballou preached a theology of abundance that disrupted the harm caused by Calvinist ideas. In this second sermon of Isabel’s three-week series on economics, we bring Ballou’s insights into the 21st century. Together we explore what it means to practice … Continued

Imagining Abundance into Being

We are taught the myth of scarcity throughout our lives. It’s reinforces by our daily challenges and the depressing news cycle. But who is served by our preoccupation with the not-enoughness in our lives? Will we get anywhere with technical solutions? Isabel speaks about her quest to master the science of scarcity – economics – … Continued