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Upcoming 2021 UU General Assembly

At last Wednesday’s UUCS Board Meeting, your Trustees discussed UUCS representation at the upcoming 2021 UU General Assembly (GA). It will be held virtually this coming June, and our Congregation’s size qualifies us to send up to eight (8) voting Delegates as official representatives of … read more.

Invitation to Play Tennis

Tom Mosher invites any member, friend or staff person who is a tennis player to contact him if you are interested in joining with some other UUs and non-UUs to play outdoor tennis.

In Tom’s Own words:

We are just starting up some regular playing, at this … read more.

Board of Trustees Bylaws Workshop

The members of the Board of Trustees will meet March 22, 2021 at 6:00 p.m. virtually with the Bylaws Review Committee to go over their work product.

Members of the Congregation are welcome to observe, but will not be active participants in the business of this … read more.

News From The Moshers

Mary and Tom Mosher have just sold their home of 14 years at the Monte Vista Village Resort in Mesa, AZ, where they have spent 5+ months each winter season — basically playing in the sun. Their grandkids told their friends that Baba and Grandpa … read more.

Partner Church/ March Birthdays Celebration

The Vander Lindens hosted an outdoor gathering to celebrate our partner church as well as March birthdays.

Goulash and bread were served with Hungarian music in the background and a fire for warmth and a cozy atmosphere.

Present were Joanne Smieja, Mark Hernick, Laurie Baugher, Mike … read more.

A Workshop with Irshad Manji

Recipient of Oprah Winfrey’s first Chutzpah Award for boldness, Irshad Manji is the author of Don’t Label Me: An Incredible Conversation for Divided Times and is the founder of Moral Courage College, which teaches people how to do the right thing in the face of … read more.

January Special Collection

Our focus this month will be on the homeless. We have selected four organizations that provide needed resources for our community members who do not have permanent shelter. There is also a donation box at the church, so if you can’t donate money you can … read more.

Congregational News: December 24, 2020 Edition

Candace Schmidt has been busy

Since the lockdown last March Candace Schmidt has involved herself in several projects to keep busy, including organizing her garage and taking up sewing after a 30-year break. She has always admired well-ordered garages, but never had one, until now! … read more.

Todd’s Thoughts June 2020

I woke up this morning with two bits of information before me. One was the memory of a dream I had during the night in which I was describing an actual interview I’d seen on the Today show between host Bryant Gumbel and economist John … read more.