Todd’s Thoughts, July 2018

In these troubling times, magnified by our government’s kidnapping, incarceration, and abuse of children, there’s a glimmer of hope. When Attorney General Jeff Sessions attempted to justify this diabolical policy by quoting the Bible, he prompted a swift rebuke from his own church and some of his staunchest fundamentalist supporters. Franklin Graham, son of the … Continued

Todd’s Thoughts, June 2018

Subjectify > Objectify > Moralize. I’ve come to recognize this as the threefold process through which most of us seem to feel and think. I say “feel and think” because I’m also convinced emotions and thoughts are part of the same process, that thoughts cause feelings, and feelings produce thoughts. I’d go so far to … Continued

Todd’s Thoughts, May 2018

In March 2017 I gave a sermon entitled, “The Measure of All Things,” about Erich Fromm’s notion that, “the sole criterion of ethical value,” should be based on human welfare and the achievement of one’s full potential. I’ve decided to put this theory to the test through a series of thought experiments envisioning what it … Continued

Todd’s Thoughts, April 2018

After 911 George W. Bush began using the horrific event as an excuse to attack Iraq, a country that had nothing to do with that terrible day. For months many of us around the nation participated in weekly demonstrations protesting the very notion of a “preemptive strike” against a country that did nothing to deserve … Continued

Todd’s Thoughts March 2018

Our annual generosity campaign will kick off this month on the 18th and run through April, during which our goal is to raise $408,000 in pledges. It’s a bit higher than last year, but not an unreasonable amount given the level of generosity we’ve come to appreciate. The theme of this year’s campaign is, “Making … Continued

Todd’s Thoughts February 2018

Our Kerdcera Dojo has been meeting weekly for over six months, during which we’ve had lots of fun, built friendships, and made some important discoveries. Kerdcera (pronounced, curd-car-ah), is a hybridization of two ancient Proto-Indo European words meaning, “heart” and “head.” Since our work combines the practice of Emotional Intelligence and Logic, this made up … Continued

Todd’s Thoughts January 2018

  In the U.S. the word “freedom” rings in our ears like the dinner bell of Pavlov’s salivating dogs. It represents an ideal we’ve been conditioned to respond to through our cultural myths about the good intentions of our “founding fathers,” of the countless brave heroes who’ve fought and died to protect our freedoms, as … Continued

Todd’s Thoughts December 2017

As part of our mission and commitment to diversity in our church and our world, we will have an all-church diversity, equity, and inclusion workshop on Saturday, December 9th, from 10:00 a.m. to noon. The workshop will be conducted by members of The Greatness of a Time Collective. GOAT “is a group of purposeful individuals … Continued

Todd’s Thoughts November 2017

November is upon us, a time we intentionally consider and express gratitude for all we are thankful for. Perhaps this is a taller order than usual considering all the tragedy in the world this past year—hurricanes, earthquakes, mass shootings, the global trend toward rightwing nationalism, and a full year since the disastrous election. These are, … Continued

Todd’s Thoughts September 2017

On Saturday, July 29th (2017), some person or persons spray-glued eight Alt-Right propaganda fliers onto the glass of our outside bulletin board. They were discovered and removed before Sunday morning. Fortunately, other than needing to clean off the glue residue, there wasn’t any vandalism or lasting damage done. The fliers themselves reflected some pretty paranoid, … Continued