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January Special Collection

Our focus this month will be on the homeless. We have selected four organizations that provide needed resources for our community members who do not have permanent shelter. There is also a donation box at the church, so if you can’t donate money you can … read more.

Congregational News: December 24, 2020 Edition

Candace Schmidt has been busy

Since the lockdown last March Candace Schmidt has involved herself in several projects to keep busy, including organizing her garage and taking up sewing after a 30-year break. She has always admired well-ordered garages, but never had one, until now! … read more.

Todd’s Thoughts June 2020

I woke up this morning with two bits of information before me. One was the memory of a dream I had during the night in which I was describing an actual interview I’d seen on the Today show between host Bryant Gumbel and economist John … read more.

Todd’s Thoughts April 2020

On Friday March 3rd, in response to the recommendations of health officials, I made the decision to cancel services, events, and meetings at our church for at least three weeks. I’m glad I did. Social distancing and isolation have been shown to immediately flatten the … read more.

Todd’s Thoughts January 2020

How about a 10-million-dollar endowment? Sound crazy? Sound impossible? A short time ago some thought I was crazy suggesting we strive for a half million-dollar endowment fund. Thanks to much generosity, we’re now well on our way toward a million. I used to think endowments … read more.

Todd’s Thoughts – December 2019

As Daniel Patrick Moynihan famously said, “You are entitled to your own opinion, but you are not entitled to your own facts.” I recently ran into some interesting facts you might be interested to know. In 2018, membership in the Unitarian Universalist Association grew for … read more.

Todd’s Thoughts – November 2019

Zeno, the founder of Stoicism in 300 BCE, taught that our virtue is the greatest good because it’s the only thing that’s useful in all circumstances. I take this to mean it is our moral values that hold us steady, even when change, chaos, and … read more.

Todd’s Thoughts – October 2019

In The Gadfly Papers I speak of the historic and unresolved theological differences between Unitarianism and Universalism. Unitarianism is rooted in humanistic, rationalistic, nontheistic, and nonsectarian values. Universalism has been more traditionally theistic and sectarian in its approach, especially when it comes to worship. These … read more.

Todd’s Thoughts – September 2019

“Freedom of the pulpit,” is a phrase I’ve been hearing much in recent weeks and want to discuss a bit about what it means and why it’s meaningful in Unitarian Universalism. Most everyone has heard of the Protestant Reformation, which began in 1517 when Martin … read more.

Todd’s Thoughts – August 2019

Reason, freedom of conscience, and uplifting our common humanity. These are the principles that drew me to Unitarian Universalism and still bind me to it. These were the principles that caused me to stop performing weddings fifteen years ago, in defiance of State laws prohibiting … read more.