Chalice Lighters Campaign

Help fan the flame of liberal religion in our area by becoming a Chalice Lighter.

The Chalice Lighter program is a form of “pay-it-forward” generosity that financially assists the growth of new and existing UU member congregations in the Pacific Northwest. These grants are funded exclusively through contributions from UU’s like YOU who participate as Chalice Lighters.

Chalice Lighters are Individuals in a congregation who commit to make a small donation to the Pacific Northwest Chalice Lighters fund three times each year. Currently, the ask is for $20, or $60 total for all three calls. Those donations, from more than 2,000 regional UU’s, are then distributed as grants.

When thirty percent of a congregation’s members or friends have joined the program AND the congregation is paying its full “fair share” to both the Pacific Western Region (PWR) and the Unitarian Universalist Association, the congregation may apply for a grant of its own.

There are approximately 35 members of UUCS who are active Chalice Lighters. At over 400 members, we need 100 new Spokane Chalice Lighters to reach the level necessary for a grant application of our own. We believe we can reach that goal of 100 during the month of November!

Here’s how to join:

  1. Follow this link to the online form:


  1. Visit the Chalice Lighters table display on Sundays in November to register as a member.

As a long-time Chalice Lighter it was exciting to recently receive the Fall call for 2018-2019:

Members of the flourishing Unitarian Universalist Community Church of Washington County (UUCCWC) in Hillsboro, Oregon had a plan to make needed improvements to their historic 1910 sanctuary and raised funds to do so. But those funds were diverted to cover flood damage and replace a failed sewer line. Now the roof on their multipurpose parish building is leaking. Typical of their positive approach to problems, they asked us to summon your help with the urgent task of replacing the roof while they raise capital to get the sanctuary improvements back on track. With your help, they can get it all done!