Healthy at Home Helpers

Fellow UUs are ready to help as needed. Volunteers will pick up and deliver groceries or household items, cook meals, provide rides, walk a pet, etc. Please reach out to one of us, listed below, and we’ll match you with a volunteer. Stay safe!

In community,

Bette Brattebo  509-255-9490
Nancy Freitag         509-499-4298

Grow better gardens & stronger communities

Are you a gardener? You can participate in our new UUCS Seed Project!

The UUCS Seed Project is a donation-based seed library aimed at gathering and sharing seeds for gardens within our community. Become a UUCS seed saver and help us grow better gardens and stronger communities.

It’s the time of year that many plants are starting to seed. What we would like for you to do is to save a portion of the seeds from your plants and donate them to the UUCS Seed Library for storage and pickup any time.

In the future, we will host annual seed exchanges during spring and fall. We have two categories, Edible and Decorative:

  • Edible includes vegetables, fruits, grains and herbs.
  • Decorative includes flowers, ground covers and other decorative plants.

Already have some seeds to donate? Label an envelope with your name, contact information, and seed description, including category. Seal it and drop it in the Sanctuary Drop Box at the church.

Questions? Email Rebecca at