Deeply Rooted and Standing Strong, we are the UU Church of Spokane. With our foundation on native land, we recognize our debt to the Spokane tribe and their contribution to our history. We planted deep roots in this land in 1887 as a home for liberal religion. Since those early days the UU Church has been, and will continue to be, standing strong with our community, with those who need our support and whose voices need to be heard. Years of building relationships with other community-minded organizations has expanded our good works and made us stronger.

Our church is strengthened by our membership, which in turn strengthens the Spokane community. Our values and principles bring much needed activism, inspiration and hope for a better world.  All of our work at UUCS is dependent on the support of you, our members. You are what makes us the Unitarian Universalist Church of Spokane. We depend on your pledge not only to provide inspiring Sunday services and programming, as well as supporting our minister and staff, but also to continue the important work our many teams and groups give to our church and to the Spokane community.

Two years ago, for simplification our Board adopted Ongoing Pledging for our membership. This means that your pledge automatically renews from year to year, unless you elect to change it. Both a pandemic and a disruption within our church community have caused a slight setback to our revenues, so we are hoping that you will consider raising your pledge by $10 a month. It doesn’t sound like much, but if all our members could do that, it is enough to make a huge positive impact on our ability to sustain our programs. If you are able to do more, please do.  Why is pledging important? It allows us to budget appropriately for the upcoming year and plan for existing and new programming.

To streamline the process, we ask all members and friends to complete the online pledge form, even if you are not changing your pledge. We will not be mailing them via the Postal Service this year.

Thank you for your generosity.

Please complete the pledge form by April 30.
Fill out our online pledge form by clicking HERE.

Want to know more about our programs? Even through the difficulties of that past year we have been able to accomplish so much. To learn about our accomplishments in the past year, please read our Team Report by clicking HERE.

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