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Let’s put our dancing shoes on and celebrate; April is Generosity Month at the Unitarian Universalist Church of Spokane. It’s a time of renewal and looking ahead to the exciting season of growth.  And it is a time of thinking ahead to what we want to see happening in our church community. How about seeing more people and activity on Sunday mornings? How about more adult programming? How about renewing friendships and reaching out to new folks? We are a liberal religious people who want to commit ourselves to social justice, inclusion and unfolding as individuals, and we want to get our message out to all who will hear us. To do this we must all become involved in our church community, not just through our pledges, but also by volunteering, because this work cannot be done without the work of volunteers. Activities don’t just happen; they are organized. And who organizes them? Volunteers! We have wonderful staff who help volunteers do their work, and those staff need to be paid a commensurate wage for all they do.

 We have weathered the storm, it seems, and despite the bad weather we have hope for a brighter day ahead. Our storms were two-fold in the last couple of years. Unfortunately, they occurred almost simultaneously, and they put quite a dent in our finances at the church. Covid 19 changed the way we do church and left many of us without our usual connections through teams, meetings, after service coffee and social events. Just seeing each other and being with each other without masks will be such a blessing for the year ahead (we hope).  Closing the church also meant an inability to rent out our facility, causing loss of income. At the same time a significant minority of pledging members left our church, which also cut into our income. We were able to survive with a little over $300,000 in pledges last year, largely due to the $42,000 we received from the Paycheck Protection Program for Covid relief last year.

During our Budget Summit, it became obvious that we will need to increase pledges a lot, by 17%! Besides the fact that we no longer have the PPP grants, we have to take into consideration that our building is aging; 28 years old, can you believe it?  The Repair and Replacement Fund needs at least $10,000 to be able to cover the costs of the upcoming necessary projects to ensure the longevity of our church.

The bottom line is: Our pledges last year: $300,000. Our pledge request for this year: $361,000.  This is a 17% increase in what we received last year. Please do what you can to make this happen. And we will do a dance when that is accomplished- Promise!

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Want to know more about our programs? Even through the difficulties of that past year we have been able to accomplish so much. To learn about our teams and groups click HERE.