UUCS has many volunteer opportunities available for our members and attending friends. Here are some of our current needs. Please let us know if you have any questions. If your team or group is in need of volunteers, please submit your request to be included here to commanager@uuspokane.org. Thank you!


There will never be a better time than now to step up and do what you can for our church.

There are opportunities aplenty:

Are you are interested in finance?  

the Finance Committee

the Generosity Team

the Auction Team.  (Yes, a virtual auction! )

Are you interested in grouping us up?

the Adult Enrichment Team (ZOOM forums,  ZOOM activities, ZOOM meditation)

Would you contribute your compassionate self?

Pastoral Care Team

Memorial Service Team

You don’t want to change clothes?

Buildings and Grounds work parties. (Monthly at the church)

Don’t be shy–we’re waiting for you to respond with an enthusiastic,”YES! Count me in for ………..”


To reply or for information call:   Donna Borden Rhodes 487-5054, Sue Stiritz 466-5986, or Jean Larson 448-2631