How to Support UUCS

Thoughts on Giving

Giving is one of life’s great satisfactions.  Whether it is volunteer work or making an annual pledge, these are the gifts that maintain the daily operation of our church. UUCS is a growing church and requires strong support from all its members and friends at whatever level you can afford.

Our on-line donations program allows your to quickly and easily make all types of donations to UUCS.


Give regularly for each fiscal year: make a pledge of regular support for UUCS. Our Generosity Campaign for fiscal year 2019-20 is now underway. Please take a moment to consider making a pledge to UUCS. To submit your pledge, simply send an email to us at For more information on this year’s Generosity Campaign please click HERE!

Single gifts

Give in the moment: make donations as the spirit moves you. Just place your cash, check or special collection envelope in the offering basket on Sunday, or use our on-line donation program here or your smartphone via our QR code printed in the SUUNday Focus bulletin.  The Community Auction, Women’s Retreat and Camp Starwheel are all annual events for our church community and we graciously accept your donation.

Endowment Donations

Give for the long term: make a gift to the UUCS Endowment. All unspecified bequests and memorial gifts made to UUCS go toward our endowment. To learn more, please contact a member of the Board of Trustees or Endowment Team.

Bite to Go

Currently, UUCS members are supporting 25+ students at the Balboa Elementary School with food kits which they take home for the weekends. To sponsor a student for the 2019 school term, a one-time donation of $180.00, or a monthly donation of $15.00 to the UUCS will be gladly accepted.