For more information about UUCS team & group activities, see the 2017-18 UUCS Annual Report.


Music Program


Our current Sunday Music Program includes the Mixed Choir (our anchor volunteer musical group), our Winter Solstice Women’s Choir, ad hoc Women’s Ensembles and Family Choir opportunities as volunteer time and interest permit, individual and small group performances plus occasional guest musicians from outside our church community.  We also have occasional concerts throughout the year.

The Music Program is supported by individual volunteers who help the Music Director with the Music Library, caring for the congregation’s hymnals, putting on concerts and gathering feedback from the congregation on what might enhance our services from a musical standpoint.

Please contact Deborah at or by phone at 325-6383, ext. 303 if you are interested in helping in this way or by sharing your musical expertise with the congregation by performing for a Sunday.


Worship Team


Our Mission:  Our mission is to provide reflection and feedback on our services and to serve as a sounding board for Todd, when he needs one.  We pay attention to how our services are flowing, we also are open to feedback from the rest of the congregation.  We discuss with Todd and the Team how our services are going and what, if anything, ought to be changed.  The team strives to create services that are meaningful to all who attend, with particular attention to younger people who will carry our church into the future.  Our team plans and recruits guest speakers for services when Todd is out of the pulpit, usually once a month.  This includes recruiting, training and coordinating the work of the lay leaders.  We also engage in dialog with our Music Director, Deborah, about the role of music in our services.  As needed, we coordinate with the Ushers Team and the church staff to ensure the best possible physical environment for our services.  Finally, we work with the Storytellers to help them coordinate the message of the story with the rest of the service and to keep the story time to an appropriate length.

If you would like to join us:  New members are eagerly welcomed for the Worship Team.  New lay leaders go through a detailed training and practice to learn the skills needed for our services, as do storytellers and ushers.  We encourage you to volunteer for any of these positions.  Anyone interested should contact Stephanie Samson via email at



Usher Team

Our Mission: Is to help provide a positive and welcoming experience for those attending services, we assist congregants by distributing programs, answering questions, welcoming, and providing seating and general assistance.  We support the worship service by recording attendance, taking and counting the collection, helping with clean-up and assisting worship leaders as needed.

If you would like to join us, please contact Warren Carpenter 509-448-1699.