October 11 – November 22, 2020

Donations are now closed.
Next comes the fun part, the bidding!

Welcome to the 2020 UUCS Community Auction! This year is different, and our silent auction is being held virtually! We are using an online platform called 32Auctions (this platform came highly recommended by other UU churches across the nation). To join the auction simply click on the link below. This link will take you to our auction and allow you to view all of the wonderful items that have been donated. In order to bid, you will need a 32auctions account. Don’t have one yet? Don’t worry – it’s really easy to create one (and free!).  Just follow the instructions on our Auction page. You will be prompted to set up an account (or sign in if you already have one) when you try to bid on an item. Once you are signed up, you can then bid away. Happy bidding! We hope you have fun and find many wonderful items! Questions? Contact Rebecca at rebecca@uuspokane.org or 509-325-6383 (M-Th 10-2)

Join our auction by clicking here:


Here are some helpful instructions to get you started!

  1. Get online! (use your computer, tablet or smart phone)
  2. View the auction at www.32auctions.com/UUCSAuction.
  3. Login or Create An Account so you’re ready to bid.
  4. Browse all items and add to your Watchlist by clicking the heart buttons.
  5. Ready to bid? Simply view an item, enter your bid amount, and click the Place My Bid button.
  6. Outbid? You’ll receive an email notification with a link to the item so you can place a new bid.
  7. You’ll be notified with your results when the auction ends.

Extra Tips:

  • Click the star button on the auction bar to view only the items you’re winning and the total amount of your bids.
  • Click the heart button on the auction bar to view only the items in your Watchlist

Happy bidding and thank you for participating in this year’s Community Auction!

How to pay for an auction item:

Congratulations on your auction item(s)! If you only purchased buy now item(s) you may mail your payment into UUCS, just notate your invoice # on the memo line of your check. Or you can use our online payment option by clicking the link below, also include the invoice # on the memo line!

Online Payment Option Click HERE

If you are bidding on an item, once the auction is over you will be sent an email invoice with the items you won and your total to pay.  If you have a mix of bid and buy now items, you can wait until the end of the auction to receive your email and pay all at once. If you have questions, please email Rebecca at rebecca@uuspokane.org.

We hope you will join in the fun and participate in this Auction this fall.

The Community Auction is about making connections with other UU’s while supporting our church and outreach. Due to COVID-19 and social distancing recommendations, we are getting creative this year! In lieu of using our building, we will be offering up our ZOOM accounts to members to schedule virtual events, and our parking lot to schedule “drive in” events. What can you donate?!

Categories this year include: Getaways and Cabins, Outdoor Adventures, Lessons and How-to’s, Services and Honey-do’s, Travelogues, Home Cooked (meals & desserts), Socially Distanced Meals and Parties, Handmade Items, Community Events (if/when available), Gift Certificates, and More!

The Community Auction is our church’s biggest fundraiser of the year. It has a twofold purpose: to foster interpersonal connections between members and friends of our church, and to bring in much needed revenue to help fund our valuable in-house programs as well as make funds available for community outreach and action. All proceeds go into the UUCS General Fund.

Now comes the fun part, browse through all the wonderful items that have been donated to the auction this year. From vacation getaways, to gift certificates, amazing meals and treats, one of a kind handmade gifts and treasures, and much, much more. Find something you love? Bid away and see what you win! Thank you for participating in the UUCS Auction in 2020, this year is different!

Donors receive a list of who has signed up for their event and bid winners receive an itemized list of everything they have signed up for along with the total amount owed to UUCS.

Please email questions to: auction@uuspokane.org

Any questions about the auction, donations or bids? Please contact the office at (509) 325-6383