Many Ways to give to the UUCS Endowment Fund

A gift to the UUCS Endowment Fund is a gift to the future!

  • Current Gifts can be gifts of cash, stock, IRA transfers, or other items of monetary value. Current gifts may be given as a tribute to honor a family member, friend, or church member, past or present.
  • Future Gifts can be any of the above items, and are a commitment that a gift to the Endowment Fund is included in your estate planning. The most common forms of these future, or Legacy Gifts, include:
  • Bequests to UUCS in your will or trust in the form of a fixed dollar amount, percentage of your estate, or the remainder of your estate after other gifts. There is no minimum amount.  A sample codicil form to attach to your current will is available on Endowment section on the UUCS website.
  • Retirement Plan Beneficiary Designation names UUCS as the beneficiary of your IRA, 401(k), or 403(b) for a specific percentage of the total. Your Retirement Plan manager can assist you in making this designation.
  • Life Insurance Beneficiary Designation names UUCS as a beneficiary of all or a portion of life insurance benefits. Your insurance broker can assist you in making this designation.
  • Charitable Gift Annuity/Remainder Trust provides income to you and/or your spouse as a result of depositing a fixed amount of funds (minimum $10,000). Income will accrue to the named individuals over the years, and UUCS will receive any remaining assets upon the death of the parties named in the Annuity/Trust.  This would be professionally managed by the UUA.
  • Charitable Lead Trust provides UUCS with income from an income-producing property for a designated period of time, at which point the property passes to another, or reverts to the owner. An attorney would help set up this arrangement.

I want to give!  What do I do next? 

  • First – thank you! We are grateful and appreciate your interest and commitment to UUCS’s future.
    • Current gifts – If your gift will be by cash or check, make certain the envelope containing the cash, or check made out to UUCS, specifies “Endowment Fund” and drop in the offering basket on Sunday, or mail or drop off to the church office. An acknowledgement will be sent to you.
    • Future gifts – If you are considering a future gift through your estate, we advise the following steps:
      • Talk with your family and financial advisor and decide what works best for your situation.
      • Contact a member of the UUCS Endowment Team for further information and assistance. Members are listed on the website, or may be contacted through the UUCS office.
      • Please notify a member of the Endowment Team, or the UUCS office, of your commitment to a future gift. You will be welcomed into the Legacy Society, or may remain anonymous if desired.
      • When your estate is settled, your funds will be added to the UUCS Endowment Fund, helping ensure the future of UUCS and our impact in the wider community.

View or download the UUCS Endowment Agreement HERE.

View a sample codicil by clicking HERE.