To date this year, the Endowment Fund has received $4,135.00 in contributions. We began the year, as has recently become the practice, with two Sundays of remembrance. They resulted in $1,185.00 in contributions. Other generous gifts came from Al & Bernie Toutant, Cindy Phillips, and the regular semi-annual gift from Karen Dorn Steele and Richard Steele.

Memorial gifts came in memory of the following:

  • Diane Rosman from her parents Del & Jeanette Liljegren
  • Joy Attwood, beloved wife of Wayne Attwood
  • Rosemarie Duffy and Marion Moos from Robert Fendler
  • Judy Laddon from George & Lila Girvin
  • Chuck Smith from Mary Giannini and Donna Borden Rhodes
  • Bill Powell from Dave & Millie Roberts and Donna Borden Rhodes
  • Ed Tyler from Donna Borden Rhodes
  • Graham Taylor from Wayne Attwood and Donna Borden Rhodes

September’s ending balance was $661,993, assuring the anticipated October’s $6,500+ addition to the church operating budget. Fluctuations in the stock market, all too frequent these days, are mitigated by the UUCEF’s basing distributions on a 13 quarter (that’s 39 months!) rolling average which helps even out the highs and lows of the market.

October 29, 2020