Sign up for Circle Suppers in November!

Save the 4th Saturday night, January-May, for community building around supper!

Are you looking for deeper connections with people you see at church? Soon you’ll have your chance! Signups for new Circle Supper Groups now through January 10th!

Circle Supper groups of 5-9 people each will meet the 4th Saturday of January through May to gather and get to know one another at a deeper level, sharing a potluck supper. If you can only participate in half of the suppers, no problem -groups will be flexible. The volunteer host will be responsible for hosting the first supper (or more if desired), coordinating the group meeting times and location, and who will bring what food to the potluck supper each month.

Reserve the Circle Supper dates 1/25, 2/22, 3/28, 4/25, and 5/23 now! Signup near the Welcome Table, or online HERE.

Questions? Contact Ann-Scott Ettinger,

To Sign Up for Circle Suppers Click HERE!

~Circle Suppers are small monthly potlucks of consistent people that will meet one Saturday night a month. We hope that there are around 20 Circle Supper groups, or 200 UUCS folks meeting in different homes on the same night!

The dinners are in a church member’s home and provide great opportunities to get to know more people well and build community. Supper groups are intentionally organized to be a mix of longtime and newer members and friends to create congenial but varied groups. Young family groups, or parents-of-teens groups, are also an option!

Supper Hosts are responsible for hosting a dinner at their home, determining the gathering time, coordinating the menu with guests, giving directions to their homes, and confirming plans with the Circle Supper Coordinators.

Guests are asked to bring one potluck dish to the supper (appetizer, salad, entrée, side dish, drinks, or dessert), accommodate special dietary needs, and inform the host if plans change and they’re unable to attend. If you’re not a cook, no worries—you can also bring a dish from your favorite local restaurant or food store!