UUCS has many volunteer opportunities available for our members and attending friends. Here are some of our current needs. Please let us know if you have any questions. If your team or group is in need of volunteers, please submit your request to be included here to commanager@uuspokane.org. Thank you!

Memorial Service Team Leaders Needed!

After more than six years of faithful service as Memorial Service team leaders, Amy Howard and Joan Nelson have stepped down. A huge thanks to Amy and Joan for their dedication in this capacity these past several years. The Pastoral Care Team is now seeking one, preferably two, people to partner as leads for this important position. Amy and Joan leave behind a clear set of guidelines to help the incoming team. The scope is limited to services held at our church, organizing volunteers to serve as ushers, provide cookies, manage the coffee and cookie tables, and set up or cleaning after the memorial is over. This is a very special and rewarding part of the PCT. The church office staff liaison with the family members.

The PCT is here to support our UU community. Our mission focuses on needs of congregation members in times of crisis or life transitions. Drawing from a larger list of volunteers, members seek help in areas such as providing:

· transportation for medical appointments or other events, including church
· meals brought in to the home
· caregiver respite
· home repair and light hauling
· memorial service receptions

Our services are confidential and limited to the specific wishes of the UU member involved. If ever you have a need, please contact us.

We are always seeking members to join the PCT core team or to volunteer when help is needed. If you can help in any way or have questions, please contact Ann Donahue at: andstamps@yahoo.com.

Any team member may also be contacted. Team Members are: Rev. Dr. Todd Eklof, Minister. Alice Peterson. Ann Donahue, Anna Morrison, Barbara Nelson, Chris Kent, Evan Armstrong, John Beaton, Majil Fausel, Mary Giannini, Ruth French, Torge Lorentzen.

Greeters/Welcome Table Needs Volunteers!
Those of us at the Greeters’ Table each Sunday are the first faces most people see when they enter our church. Greeting current church members and new folks trying us out for the first time is very important to the health of our church. We are there for hugs, smiles, conversations and information. I am new at coordinating this vital ministry. Right now, I need at least five people to step up to the plate. This is usually a once a month commitment with no meetings!You may choose to greet at the first service or the second or both! If you are interested in giving this a try, please send and email to Bonnieoverlie@gmail.com or a text to 509-423-3643. Thank you, Bonnie Overlie.

Want to help Out the Church but Are Low on Time?
Putting the songs on the TV during the service may be the perfect opportunity! The PowerPoint is done and all you need to do is push a button to change slides. Training is available. This is really a very easy thing to do and First Service help is very much needed. Please call Heather to volunteer heatherk@uuspokane.org.

The Art Team needs YOU!
Do you enjoy the works of art that adorn our Friendship Hall?  Would you like to help bring more beautiful and interesting works to the church?  If so, the Art Team needs YOU!  We have 2-3 major exhibits during the year, plus the December craft fair.  We meet for approximately 1 hour a month on a weekday morning.  Please contact Anne Marie Burk, annemarieburk@hotmail.com or Rhonda McDowell, photo.bug@camcast.net if this opportunity to serve the congregation speaks to you.

Dedicated Readers to Help With the Book Carts
We need volunteers to put out the book carts on Sundays. Can you commit to pulling out the books at 10:15 am (directly after the first service) or come early to the 11 am service to do it before claiming your seat. Heather at heatherk@uuspokane.org to sign up.

Calling all Sextons!
According to Nationwide,  “smash and grab” car break-ins are among “the most common forms of larceny in the U.S.” Church parking lots, including ours, are vulnerable during services because cars are typically left unattended for more than an hour at a time. Our parking lot is particularly vulnerable, since it’s readily accessible from the street and surrounding areas.

Our Sexton program is designed to deter “smash and grab” thefts and other potential crimes that might occur on the premises during services and other church-sponsored events. Our ability to protect our property, however, depends on the number of volunteers we have. And right now, we don’t have enough.

We need more people to stand up.

Please help us help YOU… and help realize our motto: “Working Together. Looking Out for Each Other.” Email John Lowe at jnelowe@comcast.net or simply ask one of the Sextons (we’re the friendly folks in the day-glo yellow vests you see in the lot on Sundays) – we’ll be happy to fill you in and welcome you to our group!