Safety & Emergencies

We have a dedicated Safety Team with specialized training to ensure that each member and visitor to our facility has an optimal experience. To view our comprehensive Emergency Procedures developed by our own Safety Team, please click HERE.

Our Sexton Program 

Our Sexton program provides safety and security to our parking lot during UUCS Sunday Services. Please contact the Security Team if you have any questions about the sexton program or have an interest in volunteering.

According to Nationwide,  “smash and grab” car break-ins are among “the most common forms of larceny in the U.S.” Church parking lots, including ours, are vulnerable during services because cars are typically left unattended for more than an hour at a time. Our parking lot is particularly vulnerable, since it’s readily accessible from the street and surrounding areas.

Our Sexton program is designed to deter “smash and grab” thefts and other potential crimes that might occur on the premises during services and other church-sponsored events. Our ability to protect our property, however, depends on the number of volunteers we have. And right now, we don’t have enough.

We need more people to stand up.

Please help us help YOU… and help realize our motto: “Working Together. Looking Out for Each Other.” Simply ask one of the Sextons (we’re the friendly folks in the day-glo yellow vests you see in the lot on Sundays) – we’ll be happy to fill you in and welcome you to our group!