A Winter Solstice Singing Ritual via Zoom—Monday, December 21, 2020 at 7:00 p.m.!

Well, folks, excitement is running high for our experimental Solstice Zoom service! We have our Singers and Narrator and are filling in our Readers for this event. The service will have beautiful visuals in a Power Point presentation interspersed with live scenes of congregational members reading and singing. A few of our larger choral songs will need to be transmitted by recording, but we will sing all we can for you. Sing-along words will also be on the screen for you, so you can join us in places for group singing—however, because of the time lag in Zoom, people at home will be muted when singing.

As usual, the culmination will involve a candle lighting celebrating each person’s contribution to the whole of life. This time you will need to bring your own candle to your TV screen at home! I suggest you get a votive holder and candle to fit your unique self well ahead of time. Also, be ready with either matches or a lighter to light your candle at the appropriate time in the service.

Since we will not be dealing with the crowds that came to our live services in previous years, this service will be under an hour.  You might want to whip up some cookies and cider for afterwards, as we will have some social time following the service.

That’s all for now, but STAY TUNED for more details over the next two weeks!

Deb Jacquemin

UUCS Music Director