At UUCS, our mission statement reminds us of why we come together, our ends statements inform our process as we work to achieve our objectives, and our covenant guides us in how this happens.

Mission Statement

We join together to create a nourishing liberal religious home and to champion justice, diversity, and environmental stewardship in the wider world.

UUCS “Ends” Statements

Our “Ends” statements remind us of our current expectations — enabling us to know if we are measuring up to our aspirations.

The Unitarian Universalist Church of Spokane…

  • Is a bold voice, advocate & active partner with national and local organizations to promote social & economic justice, environmental responsibility, worldwide peace, liberty and the democratic process;
  • Is an ever more diverse congregation overcoming the barriers that divide the human family;
  • Is a community where people find meaningful connections in groups large and small;
  • Is financially sound, sustained by a culture of abundance that prompts generous gifts of time, talent and money to support the church and its programs;
  • Is mindful of our impact on the Earth and engages in environmental stewardship that is visible to the larger community;
  • Ministers to the needs of our local community and is proactive in making our presence known to those beyond our sanctuary walls;
  • Sustains and inspires individual transformation and growth for all ages and encourages exploration of world belief systems through those sources known as “Our Living Tradition”.

Covenant Statement

We, the Unitarian Universalist congregation of Spokane, promise to:

support and care for one another,
embrace diversity of persons and spiritual paths,
search for truth and understanding,
and work for social justice and environmental stewardship.

With this covenant, we honor each other with our laughter and tears, our compassion, and respect.

We are a community of open hearts, open minds, and open hands.