Submitted November 15, 2020

We witnessed a historic event yesterday, as we connected the water to the priest’s apartment yesterday. One of the board members, Fitori Zoltán helped with the work, I enclose some pictures.

The good news is that the village has been done installing the water pipes and everyone is slowly connecting to the network. As we worked, we talked about how grateful we are to the Spokane congregation, who have been slowly creating an opportunity for ten years to have tap water in the village. Thank You!

God bless you, Zalán and Orsolya

Submitted November 2, 2020

Dear Jerry, Julie and Team,

Felsőrákos Church Group Nov 2020How are you? How is the weather over there? The air has cooled here and the first frosty days are slowly arriving. We also try to smuggle something varied in congregation life. We organized Old People’s Sunday two weeks ago. Many people came, including a lot of the elderly. Orsolya and I were preaching while playing guitar. It was a beautiful event, the women’s association greeted the elderly with singing. I enclose a group photo of the event.

Yesterday, we remembered the dead. There was a service in the morning to commemorate the dead, and in the afternoon we were outside in the cemetery. Despite the cold, many came to the cemetery. Although I do not have a common picture, I will send one from the evening cemetery.

Earlier this year, we planned to go to a nearby nursing home in October or November and volunteer. Our plan was to take durable food (fries, flour, sugar, etc.) and be there with the elderly for a while. Thanks to you, you supported us so it was already in every plan. But unfortunately, the virus epidemic did not allow us to go to the nursing home. This is how we supported them with a donation of money. It would have been nice though, but I think safety and health are more important. The women’s association asked me to enclose the banking offer for you as well.

Orsolya and I are home now. Education takes place online because of the virus epidemic. We spend a lot of time together. We are preparing for the Ferenc Dávid celebration on November 15. What is happening to you in the congregation? Are you still online? Welcome everyone, take care of each other!

God bless you,

Zalán and Orsolya

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