Submitted September 30, 2020

Julie Jose recently had a conversation with our partner minister, the Rev. Zalan Palko, via Skype. He informs us that they held their annual Thanksgiving service last Sunday with 99 people attending inside the church, everyone masked. So far there have been no COVID-related illnesses in Felsőrákos.

Other good news is that water pipes have been installed along the main street, so all the people living there have water. Other houses will get water next year. That has been a long process.

More good news is that there will be eight students attending university, two new ones beginning this week.  They will be staying home, taking classes by Zoom, so life there is much the same as here.

Sponsors from our church have provided partial scholarships amounting to $300 per year per student, helping see each one through to a degree. We need sponsors for the two new students as soon as possible. Would you like to correspond with a youth and support them in their education? This is an important part of our partnership that is much appreciated by all the villagers.

Please call or email Julie Jose 325-8889  to become a sponsor. Thank You!