Mission Statement: The spiritual growth of our children and youth is vital to our UUCS  shared ministry, and we offer a nurturing program with engaging experiences and opportunities for religious exploration which inspire a sense of wonder, a search for meaning, and the practice of our Unitarian Universalist values.

Behavioral Expectations:  Positive participation and interaction are the foundation for a healthy, constructive spiritual environment for everyone. We expect that everyone, adults and children alike, will respect these requests when participating in community:

* Follow adult facilitator instruction to help keep everyone safe.

* On church grounds, play kindly. Do not roughhouse.

* Learn how to use the recycle and compost bins, and participate in clean up.

* Be careful with our church equipment, furniture, special objects and sculptures, as well as the belongings of others.

* Use language which is appropriate for a learning environment.

Covenant: The Unitarian Universalist Association website points out that “covenant” is both a verb and a noun. A covenant is the living document we use to describe how we want to be in Beloved Community together. When we are in covenant, we “engage in mutual promises with Spirit, with other people and communities.”  When covenant is broken, our covenant is also what should bring us back together.

At UUCS, we promise to…

* Treat one another with kindness, compassion, and respect,

* Lift up each other’s voices,

* Honor the growth that we all experience,

* Celebrate our earth,

* And work together for a just and equitable world.

“We are a promise-making, promise-breaking, promise-renewing people.”

-Martin Buber, Jewish theologian