Getting Involved

One of the primary ways that congregants can support the Children and Family Ministry Program, is by becoming a Religious Education Facilitator. A commitment of just two hours a month for three months, this is an easy way to not only facilitate and support the religious identity formation and exploration of our children, but also a great way to deepen your own spirituality. Becoming an RE facilitator helps to ensure the strength and growth of the Unitarian Universalist tradition by opening up an avenue for multi-generational relationship and mentorship  building.

All of that being said, we realize that facilitating RE is not for everyone. If you would like to support UUCS families and the Children and Family Ministry Program, but are not sure how, take a look at the options in this online form. For a full and comprehensive list you can also call Aria Curtis at 509-325-6383 ext. 306 or email her at