Channeling Your Inner Therapist: Techniques for Self Care and Fulfillment

If love, as Fromm says, includes a “sense of responsibility, care, respect, knowledge” of those we love, and if, it is not possible to love others without also loving ourselves, then it is necessary to take responsibility for our own well-being and unfolding. In this sermon we’ll explore some accessible ways of caring for ourselves.


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  1. Greetings: I’m wondering why it takes as long as it does to post Dr. Eklof’s sermons. For instance, the sermon of 12/23 is not up yet. This may seem a trivial issue, but coming fresh from a live sermon invariably inspires me and perhaps others to want to refresh my understanding of certain concepts and ideas heard during the service. Waiting weeks burns the candle of inquiry down to its extinction point.

    1. Hello William, Thank you for your inquiry. Typically it takes up to two weeks for our presenters to supply us with the text from their sermons in order for us to upload them to our website. Since this is not an automated process, it occasionally takes a bit longer, especially around the holidays. Thank you for your patience and understanding, hopefully what you are looking for will be up shortly. Remember, you can always click on the “Watch Services” button on our homepage and view the sermon video again. These are normally uploaded the week following the sermon, after they are checked for audio and video quality. Please note that our special services do not have sermon text available.

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