A Unitarian UU: Freedom of Conscience, Reason, and Our Common Humanity

Sometimes we hear individual’s preface what kind of Unitarian Universalist they are by adding yet another religion or philosophy into the mix – a Christian UU, a Pagan UU, a Buddhist UU, a Humanist UU, and so on. This often makes me wonder why Unitarian Universalism alone isn’t enough for them, why there remains a spiritual or theological void to be filled. In contrast, I increasingly think my religion has already become too much in trying to become all things to all people, having lost much of its own historical identity in the process. When I consider why I’m a UU, I narrow it down to a few historic principles that defined Unitarianism before it merged with Universalism in 1961. Thus I increasingly think of myself as a Unitarian UU.


4 responses to “A Unitarian UU: Freedom of Conscience, Reason, and Our Common Humanity

  1. OMGod, all I can say is “thank you”, thankyou for putting into words, clarifying words, the unease I have felt for the past few years about the UUA, and the spillover into my church. If I send you postage, may I have a copy of the book? There were so many places I wanted to underline or write comments in the margins. 🙂
    I feel like my faith in my faith has been restored. My misgivings have been comfirmed, and I am so sorry the perpetuators of this group think have trampled all over Principles #1-5. Your book has given me a bit of courage, to be more outspoken, to defend my church, where I and my husband have been members for over 35 years. This faith and its Principles are worth defending. Again, thankyou Rev. Eklof.
    Karen Dawson

    1. A copy of Rev. Eklof’s book can be purchased on Amazon, simply search for Todd Eklof under books and you can find it there!

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