Whose Voice is it Anyway?

Guest Speaker Madeline McNeill & Dr. Isabel Call, UUCS Intern Minister


Beyond being a mere source of entertainment, how can the vocal arts foster community health and personal fulfillment? We will explore the voice as an instrument of the body, shaped by breath, equipping us with emotional agility, power, and expression. Through poetry and song, we will share the spiritual discipline of knowing oneself as a body, inviting us all to engage joyfully in our own embodied experience. Please join us after the second service for a workshop to go deeper.

Madeline McNeill is an operatic thinker. Ten years ago, she created body philosophy, combining opera training with other breath modalities like yoga and meditation, to investigate how core muscles contribute to shaping emotions and self. Originally from Spokane, Madeline writes and gives talks, workshops, and performances throughout the Northwest.

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