Speaker: Rev. Dr. Todd Eklof

UUCS Minister

Abundance: When there’s More than Enough to Go Around

We live in a world of scarce resources: not enough land, housing, clean water, trees, wealth, opportunity, energy, healthcare, firefighters (these days), and the list goes on. One obvious response is to conserve resources by living sustainably. But this often means that none of us has enough or that some have more than enough, while others have nothing. Another option is to create a world of abundance in which there is always more than enough for everyone.

Correction: Ours is a Liberal Religion, Not a “Covenantal” One

A few years ago, the leadership of the Unitarian Universalist Association initiated a plan to change its bylaws so that, instead of being a service organization, its member congregations would have to agree to a covenant that they would periodically renew. But the organization’s proposal was never put before voting delegates at a General Assembly, as had been their original intention. Instead, as of late, they’ve just started calling ours a “covenantal religion.” Balderdash! Ours has long described itself as a “liberal religion.” In this sermon, I’ll do my best to help prevent this sleight of hand from escaping our attention.

Vaccination Nation: How Vaccines Have Transformed our Lives and Our Society in Modern Times

In the U.S., little more than half of us been vaccinated against COVID-19, not because vaccinations are scarce, but because too many of us are afraid of them for unsound reasons. Such hesitancy has led to a deadly outbreak of the virus that is worse than the first. In this sermon we’ll recall the marvelous origins and history of vaccinations and how much they have saved and improved our lives.

How to Build a Pyramid in the 21st Century

We are divided over much in our society and in our world, often divided over which ideologies are better. In this sermon we’ll consider the possibility that some of the ideas most driving us apart are the two halves necessary for making us whole.

Embracing Our Demons

Demons and demonic powers have become the subject of modern horror stories, but the original meaning of “demon” was in reference to the uniqueness in every individual. Since individuality is often discouraged in many communities the concept of the “demon” became, well, demonized. In this sermon we will consider the necessity of reconnecting with our own inner-daimon and supporting those in society who have been demonized.