Speaker: Rev. Dr. Todd Eklof

UUCS Minister

“My Pulpit, Mine”

I had intended to give this sermon a few years ago, when I was being pressured to stop talking about my concerns regarding our liberal religion. I didn’t because another national crisis emerged that I felt compelled to address instead. I’ve decided to do so … read more.

Why Are You Here?

During his final service with us before his unexpected death, church member Owen Muir asked me, “Instead of answering our questions, what question would you like to ask us?” It was a good question and took me a few moments to ponder. I finally responded, … read more.

Conversations with Todd

This is an opportunity to ask me questions regarding topics I have or haven’t spoken of from the pulpit. Although I won’t engage in church business in this setting, I do enjoy a wide range of thoughtful questions.