Speaker: Rev. Dr. Todd Eklof

UUCS Minister

Trekkie Todd: Indulging My Star Trek Obsession

Despite being a devout Star Trek fan, I have only ever given one sermon about the iconic TV series, during which I said it would be my last. Yet, the ethics and hopes inspired by this science fiction phenomenon, which millions like me have integrated into our lives, are as relevant today as ever. So I will indulge my obsession once again to talk about how the crew of the Starship Enterprise continues to inspire and influence my life here on Earth.

2020 Hindsight: Looking Back at Some of the Best Things about 2020

2020 was a tumultuous year given the contentious Presidential Election and the global pandemic that has kept many of us isolated for months. Yet humanity’s steady progress in some arenas did not slow during this period, including the advance of digital communications and the medical technologies that held us together and brought us numerous vaccines at lightning speed. In this sermon, we’ll consider some of the positive advances many are likely to have missed during this historic year.

Laughless: Can Humor Survive the Age of Political Correctness

“Human” and “Humor” share the same root. Being human means being able to laugh. But laughter is often in response to the minor violation of some cultural taboo and can sometimes accompany real tragedy. “Too soon,” the comedian asks. In this sermon we’ll contemplate the purpose of humor, what makes something funny, and how to keep our sense of humor in serious times.

How an Atheist Prays

As a minister, I’m often asked to offer a public prayer, which can be tricky for a guy who doesn’t believe in God. In this sermon I’ll talk about how and why I pray in ways that are both meaningful to others and that maintain my integrity.

Zacchaeus, Come Down: Welcoming the Collaborators Among Us

We live in a time when it has become taboo to empathize or associate with those our “tribe” disagrees with, whichever side of the ideological spectrum we’re on. This may be rooted in the loss of civics training and civility in our society during the past decades. In this sermon we’ll consider why it is still important to associate with those we differ with, even if doing so displeases some.

Reflections on Recent Events in America

Reflections on Recent Events in America

The images of Americans raiding our Nation’s Capital building in protest of the Congressional recognition of President Elect Joseph Biden’s victory was deeply disturbing for many of us, on top of all the other woes we’re dealing with right now. In this message, I’ll discuss my thoughts on this event, including its causes and where we must go from here to progress toward a more civil society.

Christmas Eve Zoom Gathering

We will not be able to hold our usual Cosmic Advent service on Christmas Eve this year because of COVID-19. It’s not a service that would lend itself well to anything but an in-person experience. Instead, we will have a churchwide Zoom service, which will include special music and a reading of Rev. Eklof’s holiday story, “The Grinch Who Stole Christmas and then Gave it Back.” The presentation will include his rendition of a pictorial storyboard. So gather round with family, friends, or a glass of eggnog to participate in this special holiday service. Please check your email for a link to this Zoom event!