Rev. Dr. Todd Eklof

The Creation of I: Identity Liberalism and the Common Good

Today we take the fact of our own identity as “self” evident, if you’ll pardon the pun. But sociology and psychology consider identity as a relatively modern development, suggesting there was a time when individuals saw themselves only as part of a larger collective

The Good News: Some Things that are Better than You Think

People have always lived in fear, whether of hungry predators or other humans posing a threat to our family-troops and tribes, or the angry gods expressing themselves through natural disasters and plagues, or the horror of oppressive governments, foreign invaders, and warfare

Conversations with Todd

This is an opportunity for me to field a few questions regarding topics you’d like me to address or go deeper into. I always enjoy the opportunity to think on my feet!

Born Okay the First Time: Moving Beyond the Fall/Redemption Paradigm

The Doctrine of Original Sin, which claims we are all born fallen, broken, even evil, to begin with, may not be something all of us profess to believe anymore, but western society has been so influenced by this idea that most of us instinctively presume it’s true.

The Oedipus Path: Learning To Successfully Limp Along

Life is a journey, and along the way we get wounded, make mistakes, change, and, hopefully, grow. What prevents us from moving along and growing is avoiding pain, wallowing in regret, and refusing to let go.

The Unitarian Trinity

This is a version of the sermon I delivered to our Partner Church in Felsőrákos, Romania during my visit there last August. Eastern European Unitarianism remains a Christian denomination, minus a belief in the Trinity, of course.