Rev. Dr. Todd Eklof

Human Nature: The Animal that Thinks it’s Not

Sunday Services are at 9:15 & 11:00 am
Humanism is the opposite of the Doctrine of Original Sin because it doesn’t believe in human depravity, the notion that human nature is inherently evil. Yet this doctrine has been with us so long that many who may no longer believe in it still accept there’s something innately wrong with human nature. In this sermon I’ll argue that human nature, like that of all animals, is an expression of nature and we are no less a part of our Earth than any of our fellow creatures.

A Unitarian UU: Freedom of Conscience, Reason, and Our Common Humanity

Sunday Services are at 9:15 am & 11 am

Sunday Services are at 9:15 & 11 am
Sometimes we hear individual’s preface what kind of Unitarian Universalist they are by adding yet another religion or philosophy into the mix – a Christian UU, a Pagan UU, a Buddhist UU, a Humanist UU, and so on. This often makes me wonder why Unitarian Universalism alone isn’t enough for them, why there remains a spiritual or theological void to be filled.

Return to Big Eden: What if the World Were as it Should Be

As we celebrate Pride Weekend and continue our commitment to creating a world that values and protects the rights of all people, especially those of us who are LGBTQ, we do so with a bigger, brighter vision of what human society can be.

The Creation of I: Identity Liberalism and the Common Good

Today we take the fact of our own identity as “self” evident, if you’ll pardon the pun. But sociology and psychology consider identity as a relatively modern development, suggesting there was a time when individuals saw themselves only as part of a larger collective

The Good News: Some Things that are Better than You Think

People have always lived in fear, whether of hungry predators or other humans posing a threat to our family-troops and tribes, or the angry gods expressing themselves through natural disasters and plagues, or the horror of oppressive governments, foreign invaders, and warfare

Conversations with Todd

This is an opportunity for me to field a few questions regarding topics you’d like me to address or go deeper into. I always enjoy the opportunity to think on my feet!