Todd’s Thoughts October 2017

I often say being a successful minister means being one-part Gandhi and one-part Rocky Balboa, remaining compassionate and nonviolent and still be standing at the end of the day. This peculiar juxtaposition now seems necessary for liberals in general as, each day, we’re pummeled by unexpected and extreme circumstances—three category 4 hurricanes in a row, major earthquakes, massive region-wide fires, Nazis marching through the streets of America, constant threats to affordable healthcare, fears of nuclear retaliation, and on and on the poundings come. This is where the Rocky archetype comes in, having the stamina, strength, determination, and courage to keep going, to keep working toward victory over Global Warming, and racism, and poverty, and war. The Gandhi part of the equation means not letting the beatings we’re taking get us down, or the fatigue and hurt to knock us out entirely. It means carrying on, remaining devoted to, and demonstrating our most sacred values, and having the confidence we can and will win. It means respecting the rights of those we oppose, caring for their safety and well being, as much as we care for the rights and welfare of those we’re fighting for. It means humanizing, not demonizing, our enemies, while still being direct, honest, and firm in our demand for justice and equality. Gandhi plus Rocky might be an odd combo to inspire my ministry and activism, but, so far, I’m still standing.
— Rev. Dr. Todd F. Eklof, UUCS Minist

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