The UUCS Community Auction

– Our Church’s Biggest FUNdraiser!

This is the time we have fun connecting with each other and bring in revenue to support our valuable programs. All members and friends are encouraged to participate. You can contribute to the auction in two ways: Contribute some type of donation (for example, cookie making, coming together for a meal (small or large), hiking adventure, computer assistance, a craft-making class), and the other way is to sign up and agree to pay for one or more of these offerings.

Right now we are accepting donations to the Auction.  We separate donations into the following categories: Community Events, which include: Getaways and Cabins, Home Cookin’, Lessons & How To, Meals & Parties, Outdoor Adventures, or Services & Honey Do’s: Travelogues, And More.  Donations will be accepted now through October 1st, 2019.

To Donate: 

Log in with your phone number, including the area code and using dashes (e.g. 509-123-4567). Password is the last 4 digits of your phone number (e.g. 4567 for the example log in phone number). If that doesn’t work please call the office at (509) 325-6383 or email Heather at to check the phone number that we have in the system before creating a new account.