Authority and Unitarian Universalism: Thinking for Yourself in a Climate of Groupthink

Sunday services is live streamed. Click Watch Services. Liberalism has long been defined by its aversion to authority, which is why it values the democratic principle of everyone having a voice in how they are governed. Yet today, rather than flourishing, democracy is being diminished by extremism on both the right and the left. In this sermon, we’ll focus on our historic commitment to preserving and promoting the distribution of power and the freedom of dissent.

Zacchaeus, Come Down: Welcoming the Collaborators Among Us

We live in a time when it has become taboo to empathize or associate with those our “tribe” disagrees with, whichever side of the ideological spectrum we’re on. This may be rooted in the loss of civics training and civility in our society during the past decades. In this sermon we’ll consider why it is still important to associate with those we differ with, even if doing so displeases some.

Todd Off: Archived Online Service

Rev. Eklof is off. We will not have a guest speaker at this time due to COVID-19 but will have a recommended service from our online archive.