Chillin’ with the Villians

UU minister and prison chaplain Emily Brault reflects on what it means to faithfully Stand on the Side of Love. She received her PhD from Vanderbilt University and has been in prison ever since. She currently works as a Chaplain for the Coffee Creek women’s prison in Oregon.

Becoming Human: The Animal that Never Stops Growing

We call ourselves “human beings,” but, given certain biological and psychological realities, perhaps it would be more accurate to consider ourselves, “human becomings.” Nature has made ours an unusual species that allows us to continue developing our entire lives. The trick is not stunting our growth by thinking we’re done.

Dumbing it Down: A Little Black and White Thinking to Make Understanding Ethics Easy

Despite the puritanical approach to morality so often demonstrated in our society, ethics is a complicated subject and determining what’s best to do is seldom simple. Nevertheless, given what’s passing for morality today—taking as much for ourselves as possible, destroying our planet, denying healthcare to millions, discriminating against others, and so on—it might be time … Continued

Making Room at the Inn: The Sanctuary Movement Today and What It Means for our Church

Under Current Immigration Policy, churches are unlikely to be raided by Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), making them safe places for those seeking to avoid deportation. This is why the Church Sanctuary movement, which began under the Obama Administration’s aggressive deportation policies, has doubled to more than 800 churches since Trump took office. In this … Continued

Guest Speaker

Guest Speaker

The Sovereignty of Persons: Better Borders for a Bigger World

Why should imaginary borders be considered sovereign, protecting the right of different regimes to govern their territories, especially those that regularly violate the human rights of their own citizens? In this sermon, we’ll consider a new paradigm emphasizing human sovereignty and human rights as the fundamental authority in our global community.