Social JusticeThe Social Justice Council at UUCS coordinates the advocacy, community partnerships, and community service activities of the church. Here are some highlights of their activities:

  • Identifying and partnering with community organizations that work on issues or provide direct services that foster social, economic, and/or environmental justice.
  • Determining the organization or groups that receive UUCS’s monthly Special Collection.
  • Evaluating and approving applications for the UUCS Make It Happen Fund.
  • Organizing actions and service projects, such as UUCS participation in the OutSpokane Pride parade and celebration.

Make It Happen Fund

Grants from the UUCS “Make It Happen Fund” support outreach projects that involve church members working directly in the larger community. Please review the following information before completing the Make It Happen application form.

  • Make It Happen Funds may not be used for partisan politics, personal use, or to fund speakers for members’ education.
  • Applications are accepted from church ministries, teams, or individuals.
  • Applications may be submitted at anytime.
  • Acceptance of Make It Happen funds requires the applicant to complete a reporting form within 30 days of the use of the funds.

SJCC Special Message

Our Social Justice Coordinating Council is actively doing our part to help those who may need some financial assistance. We are encouraging our members to consider contributing to various organizations that are in line with our mission. Many in our area are facing financial hardships right now. Please consider donating today to help others in our congregation and in our community. You can designate which fund or group you would like your donation to by noting it on your check.  By contributing to our ministerial discretionary fund, sometimes called our “sharing fund,” our church can offer some immediate assistance to those in need. We also suggest giving to vital relief organizations that we have supported in the past, including NAMI, Transitions, Jewels, and the Spokane Immigration Rights Coalition. Thank you for your consideration.

Sharing Fund

Provides funds for immediate assistance to church members and others who are in need.

Make It Happen Fund

Grants from the UUCS “Make It Happen Fund” support social justice outreach projects that involve church members working directly in the larger community.

Endowment Fund

A gift to the UUCS Endowment Fund provides support not for a year, or a generation, but in perpetuity – helping ensure our liberal religious impact continues in the Spokane community.

People may also designate donations to the following organizations which have been supported by our church in special collection.

NAMI – National Alliance of Mental Illness

Spokane’s mission is to empower all people affected by mental health challenges especially during this crisis where the need has expanded. Our helpline remains open and host online events as a means of support to our membership and ANYONE experiencing stress, anxiety and other symptoms of mental health conditions. This expanded effort comes at cost, with increased training needs, subscriptions to online video platforms, consultants for virtual meetings, assuring our stakeholder of online presence, and facilitating help and support, individual assistance to those who lack experience attending online platforms.


The Spokane Immigrant Rights Coalition is working to provide financial support to immigrant families who are impacted by the pandemic and don’t qualify for federal and state benefits. The situation is dire as many service industry businesses have been closed and immigrant families are excluded from most government assistance passed by congress.

Jewels Helping Hands

Jewels runs the Warming Center for the Homeless which is open 24 hours a day and serves 3 meals a day. They are currently at 2 locations to provide social distancing. Our needs are money for tents, sleeping bags and personal items for those in need.


The various programs including residential facilities including Cottages, Transitional Living Center, Women’s Hearth, and Miryam’s House all have basic living needs including childcare, food, personal needs. Transitions is working hard to assist clients with navigating resources, online assistance and mental health needs. Monetary donations are particularly helpful at this time.

Questions, call Pam Davies at (509) 714-0531.