Exceptionalism and Unitarian Universalism: Standing Out in a Crowd in a Climate of Sameness

Sunday service is live streamed. Click Watch Services. There is rising pressure these days to think and act like everyone else, or else. Because of a false idea of what equality means, individuals are increasingly expected to all arrive at the finish line at the same time. “Everyone is a winner,” which also means everyone loses. How do we look more deeply into what it means to be a society in which equity and equality prevail?

Individualism and Unitarian Universalism: Remaining Independent in a Climate of Conformity

Sunday Service is live streamed. Click Watch Services. As communities and societies become more rigid and puritanical, it become difficult, if not dangerous, to openly maintain and express one’s autonomy. In this sermon, we’ll explore this trend in today’s world, and consider why we must remain committed to the principles of individuality and freedom of expression.