How to Build a Pyramid in the 21st Century

We are divided over much in our society and in our world, often divided over which ideologies are better. In this sermon we’ll consider the possibility that some of the ideas most driving us apart are the two halves necessary for making us whole.

Embracing Our Demons

Demons and demonic powers have become the subject of modern horror stories, but the original meaning of “demon” was in reference to the uniqueness in every individual. Since individuality is often discouraged in many communities the concept of the “demon” became, well, demonized. In this sermon we will consider the necessity of reconnecting with our own inner-daimon and supporting those in society who have been demonized.

Guest Speaker: Transitions: Driven by our Values

Edie Rice-Sauer is the Executive Director of Transitions, a local not for profit that works to end poverty and homelessness for women and children in Spokane. Transitions recently developed 24 affordable, high efficiency housing cottages as an infill project. Previous to becoming Executive Director, Edie was Program Director of one of Transitions’ programs, the Women’s Hearth.